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Miss Tiger began her career at the Bijou Theater in Chicago.

She is the only performer since the days of the Continental Baths to have performed a non-sexual cabaret in a gay adult theater.

Miss Tiger's Cabaret featured irreverent stage productions written and directed by Miss Tiger. Shows included original stage plays and music, live singing, stand-up comedy, performance art, and a gender diverse cast ensemble.


Sukie de la Croix of the Windy City Times wrote, "Miss Tiger is a star!  Nobody else is doing this kind of thing!"


In October 2012, Miss Tiger introduced her syndicated advice column, Favorite Bitch® to the Derek and Romaine show on SiriusXM.


Favorite Bitch® was a recurring monthly radio segment, during which, she offered call-in advice to listeners, shared fun stories about LGBTQIA+ life and moderated discussions on love, relationships and dating.  Her expertise as a 'sexual anthropologist' added candid fun to the wild and witty romp. 


In addition to her monthly segment, Miss Tiger frequently guest co-hosted this GLAAD award-winning talk show and remained with Derek and Romaine until its end in 2015.


Today she continues to dispense Favorite Bitch® relationship advice in LGBTQIA+ regional periodicals and writes lifestyle columns for national magazines such as OUT.  In addition to these columns, her celebrity interviews have appeared in Vanity Teen, DAMAN and VT GIRL.

The Miss Tiger Show is a soon-to-be-launched, weekly podcast moderated by Miss Tiger. Outrageous topics and Favorite Bitch® sex advice make for an uncensored and comedic hour of her signature humor.  Stay tuned for more info! 

In addition to her performative work, Miss Tiger founded The Blueboy® Archives and Cultural Arts Foundation (BACAF); a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.


BACAF work includes contextualizing Blueboy® magazine within LGBTQIA+ history and relaunching the iconic publication for a contemporary audience. 


The Foundation is also committed to preserving Blueboy® archives and other queer magazines, newspapers, artwork, literary works, films and ephemera.

Recent BACAF / Miss Tiger projects include a collaboration exhibit for Made in L.A. 2020: a version at The Huntington.  Please visit for information on this exhibition.  

As BACAF Executive Director, Miss Tiger will also serve as Editor-in-Chief of Blueboy® 50th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE, the publication's first issue in over a decade.  Blueboy® will feature an international team of contributors in order to reimagine the magazine for a diverse and multi-generational audience; showcasing lifestyle and news features, social commentary, essays, fashion editorials, art and photoerotica.


Her work as a radio host, lifestyle writer, art curator and interviewer explores media as it intersects with performance of gender, sexuality, aesthetics, queer theory and visual memory. 


Miss Tiger's research explores the synchronic spoken, informal, performative and traditional forms of expressed culture within various LGBTQIA+ communities.

Current projects include curating art exhibitions for museums, fine art and galleries .

In May 2021, Miss Tiger was appointed by the West Hollywood Mayor to the LGBTQ+ Advisory Board,

and currently serves as its Co-Chair.   

The Board addresses matters relating to the LGBTQIA+ community such as education, empowerment, equal rights, hate crime preventions and domestic partner rights, and makes recommendations to The West Hollywood City Council relative to the adoption of programs, policies or ordinances of benefit to the constituency.


During her tenure as Co-Chair, Miss Tiger advocated for this advisory board to become a commission.  In 2022 the

West Hollywood City Council unanimously voted to dissolve the Board into a newly formed LGBTQ+ Commission in February 2023.   


Miss Tiger earned her Master of Arts in Visual Anthropology at The University of Southern California.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University.


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