Dr. Oz    Dr. Ruth    Dr. Phil ...

These folks give good advice but let’s face it:
They don’t hold a candle to the sharp-tongued tidings of Miss Tiger.

That’s right, Hunty!
Miss Tiger is the queen bee of good ol' fashioned advice for an ultra modern world –and FAVORITE BITCH® is the place to get help with your relationship problems and get the advice you've been looking for!

FAVORITE BITCH® is a syndicated advice column featured in fabulous regional LGBTQ magazines across the country.

Oh ... and if you're expecting advice with a sugary coating –
then you might wanna pick up a box of Frosted Flakes, because you won’t find that kind of sweetness here!

Miss Tiger’s been-around-the-block guidance is designed to
break it down and build you back up!
Because in the real world, you can’t get to the top until you’ve hit rock bottom ...